Patchwork Bags

Patchwork Bags are easy to make!

Easy Patchwork Pouch.

Easy Patchwork – Log Cabin Pouch

Hexies Pouch.

Japanese Patchwork – Boro Bag

Easy Patchwork Cross Body Bags.

Easy and fun to make, you can find the tutorial to make each one of these Patchwork and Quilted Bags.

Summer Patchwork Bag

Small Quilted Cross Body Bag – Use all those leftover small squares to make this quilted bag.

Camila Bag, the bag front has a applique bird, make the top with strips of fabric.

Regina – It’s an easy tutorial to follow to make this pretty quilted bag.

Emily Bag – It’s a round bag made with applique and quilting techniques.

Small Bag With A Heart, it will be your favorite to carry with you your cell phone and some money on it!

Patchwork Japanese Style bag, how to make an easy small bag made with squares of fabric.

Drawstring Back Patchwork Bag

Easy Drawstring Backpack tutorial: Working with patchwork and applique to make a backpack any kid will love to have!

Backpack Drawstring Patchwork Tutorial: When you have an orphan patchwork block, you can make this lovely drawstring backpack to carry everything with you!