Christmas Quilts

The Holidays will be here soon and you might be looking for some ideas to decorate your home for the season, Christmas Quilts will help you always to add the cozy touch to every room.

Stitch by stitch you’ll make a good collection of quilts, small and big to display in your home during the Holidays. You don’t need to make them all in a couple of months.

I’ve been making quilts for a few years now and today I have a small collection of different quilted items for the season made by me.

Today I’m sharing some of the quilts I still own as many of the quilts I’ve made I’ve given away to my children, family members or friends.

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Christmas Quilts Pattern And Tutorials You Can Find In My Blog

Best Christmas Quilts to make

How to make a star Mug Rug

A short tutorial to make a quilted star mug rug

Best Christmas Quilts 2019

Mini Quilt with a snowman

Make this mini quilt with an appliqued snowman, the base is made with hexagons and it’s hand quilted.

best christmas quilts 2019

How To Make A Redwork Christmas Stocking (FREE Pattern)

Make the Redwork Christmas Stocking medium size with the free pattern and the tutorial, you’ll find a pattern to make the boy and the girl as well.

Christmas Tree Mini Quilt

Christmas Mini Tree

I’m sure you’ll love to make the rustic look mini quilt with an easy to make Christmas Tree, made with squares and triangles, this quilt will be ready to hand in any corner of your home in no time!

christmas quilts

Christmas Redwork

Christmas Redwork will always help you to add the touch to anything you want to display in your house during the Holidays, from a kitchen towel to a pillow, easy to make and it will take you just a few minutes to work on the Redwork embroidery. FREE pattern to download.

Chrismas tree free pattern

Christmas Tree FREE Paper Piecing Pattern

It’s always fun to use the Paper Piecing technique to make a Christmas tree block 5 x 5, you can make later many things with this block, a mini quilt, a pot holder or it could be part of a bigger quilt for the Holidays.

christmas quilts

Snowman Hand Towel

You can decorate a hand towel with any small block you make with Paper Piecing, applique or patchwork, sharing the idea so you can make as many hand towels as you want to decorate your home or maybe to give them as a gift.

No Patterns or Tutorials on the blog for the following Christmas Quilts, but you can get inspired to make one similar 

Christmas mini quilt

Christmas Mini Quilts

Making a Christmas quilt is always easy and fun, with three paper piecing pattern of 5 x 5 inches and some borders, you can make this mini quilt in one day of sewing (maybe two days)

Snowman mini quilt

Snowman Mini Quilt

I made this quilt a few years ago, but I never made a pattern to make it again, think I might make it soon!

What is a Christmas Quilt?

A Christmas Quilts is a quilt made with the colors of Christmas and the Holidays and it can be also made using patterns with Christmas symbols.

What Pattern Can Be Used To Make A Christmas Quilt?

Any pattern and technique can be used to make a Christmas quilt, the most used themes and simbols are:

  • Christmas tree
  • Wreaths
  • Candles
  • Christmas tree ornaments
  • Santa Clause
  • Elves
  • Gifts
  • Snowman
  • Stars

What Supplies Are Needed To Make A Christmas Quilt?

You will need the same supplies you use to make any other quilt.

  • Sewing machine
  • A good pair of scissors
  • Assorted cotton fabrics
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting Mat
  • Patchwork and Quilting rulers
  • Quilting thread
  • Embroidery thread
  • Patterns
  • Pins
  • Safety pins

How Big Is A Christmas Quilt

A Christmas Quilt can be as big or small as you want to make it.

  • Mini Quilts
  • Mug Rug
  • Quilt Wall Hanging
  • Pillows
  • Pillows cases
  • Table runner
  • Crib size
  • Lap quilt
  • Twin size
  • Full size
  • Queen size
  • King size

How To Make A Christmas Quilt

Christmas quilts are made with different patchwork and quilting techniques, you need to find a quilt you want to make and find the instructions and the pattern to make it.

Follow the instructions as the designer of the quilt suggest.

How Many Christmas Quilts You Will Find On My Blog?

I love to make at least one new Christmas quilt every year, from mini quilt to a bigger quilt, not all the years are the same and sometimes I just have time to make a small quilt.

You will find on this page a list of Christmas quilts I have today, but as I make more I’ll be adding them to this list, hope you find one design you like and you want to make, some have a FREE pattern and some you’ll find them at my store.

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Chrismas quilt tutorials

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